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Flowers & art are intensely intertwined with each other. The flower does not only produce seeds, but it is also the epicenter of many of the areas that make up human life. The countries known for their floral traditions are innumerable and their customs and trends have conquered important areas such as religion, personal life or culture.

The source of inspiration? Its aesthetics. From its colors and shapes to the number of petals, they were a source of reflection. As a consequence, their meaning is broader and each of their characteristics stores encrypted messages from the beginning of history. That is why every field of human art is inspired by them. From music to modern slot games. Yes, beautiful nature-inspired games that entertain many people in online casinos. See them yourself with the free bonus code you can get at MightySlotsNoDeposit. But if there is a sector in which they have had - and continue to have - great influence, it has been the artistic field. They inspired great painters who captured their beauty, always endowing it with their own language. A great example of that is the painting "Sunflowers" - work of Vincent Van Gogh, which is among the most famous still life works in the world.

Manet is another example of recreating scenes and everyday objects on his canvases. The Frenchman gave prominence to still lifes and created 16 canvases on bouquets of flowers and personal items that his friends gave him when he was sick. They represented his thinking, his personality and his way of seeing life. But to speak of flowers today is undoubtedly to speak of Georgia O'Keeffe. Recognized as the mother of American modernism, she painted New Mexico landscapes, New York skyscrapers and, of course, flowers. He watched them closely, and each canvas represented a study based on fertility and plant life.